Thursday, December 1, 2016


Here it is. After a 7 1/2 week wait. It was smaller than expected but nice. Tibetan Black Quartz is usually pretty beat up so chips in the terminations, cracks and dings are always expected. I personally love them they are perfect with their imperfections. I have a nice little batch of these to list in my shop but I wanted to see what the competition had to offer. It's always a little daunting when offering crystals that are battered in their natural state. Here is a peek at what I got and a mini review. (I will not name the shop) It came in a box full of dried flowers and crushed sage.
It's a pretty presentation...BUT.. there is glitter AND perfume. Perfume, not essential oil :( The box reeks of it, my poor crystal had to soak in dawn dish soap overnight. There was a couple of incense cones and a mini sage bundle and a couple of extra little crystals. Even the sage was drowned out by the perfume, I didn't think that was possible. So while it's a pretty presentation I don't like plastic glitter for environmental reasons and synthetic fragrance gives me a migraine. Here is the crystal. Pretty right?
And here again (On the right) with the ones that will eventually be listed in the shop.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pretty Little Tarot

So....60 days to go :) Finally, after years of searching I found a Rider Waite tarot deck that I can work with! This is the Universal Waite pocket deck. The cards are small, not too small though, they shuffle beautifully! They come in a perfect little box that looks like it will hold up well over time. Best of all the images are recolored and cleaned up, the black lines are finer, the imagery is much crisper and cleaner plus the background isn't grainy like the classic version. Sometimes I think the classic version has been printed, copied and recopied so many times it's as if the "Printing Plates" for the deck have worn out to where the images are just blurry blobs. Mary Hanson Roberts recolored the deck so there more of a color range, leaves are actually green rather then weird gold and off yellow. You can read the expressions on the faces, there is just so much more detail. Here are a few of my favorites with my favorite Arkansas quartz crystal, it's water clear with sun shining through it it's reflecting the yellow of the card below :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

64 days

In 64 days I can sit on my steps and watch this:
Become this!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


I love crystals, I will completely lose my train of thought and suffer from “OSC” oh shiny crystals! I work with them every day and have for years while creating “pagan prayer beads”. These are my latest, (surprisingly I don’t have a ridiculously huge personal collection) Brecciated Jasper, Howlite, Azurite in Granite, Lapis Lazuli and a surprise of Blue Fluorite. These are all from Bliss Crystals on Etsy. Check her out, she never fails to deliver ❤ Let’s start with the Brecciated Jasper, my impression is that it’s a strong stone very earthy, channeling clarity and clearing negativity. It ‘s an amazing fusion of Jasper and Hematite melding the benefits of both. Here is my beautiful piece ☺ it loves to hang out with my Efflorescent Tarot (I trimmed these cards) ❤
Next up is Howlite! I think Howlite gets a bad rap. Usually you see it after it’s been dyed blue to fake turquoise, the worst atrocity of purple, completely disregarded or really overstated “Sacred Buffalo Turquoise” BS and even though there really is such a thing it’s pretty rare.(I believe the real thing is slightly blue), White Howlite is perfectly valid all by itself. I am guilty of the disregard. I stumbled across a YouTube video by OwlMoon513 here: that made me rethink my opinion of howlite. My impressions of Howlite are that is very calming and grounding yet you can fly in to creativity with wild abandon. I love the whiteness of it with the grey veining like the bones of the Earth; here is my piece hanging out with the “Druid Plant Oracle”(yep, cut this one up too)!
Azurite in Granite is kind of a new thing (as much as a stone that’s older than dirt can be) also known as K2 Stone. It’s a high altitude stone with a very indigo vibe, which is perfect because, hey, me too on both counts ☺ I just started working with it and don’t have a lot from it yet but it seems very “intuitive”. I got it to work with “The Wild Unknown Tarot” I think it’s going to be an amazing pairing ☺ Here they are together.
Next is Lapis Lazuli, I have been looking for a stellar piece for quite some time, I wanted one with a constellation of pyrite, this one has that and more. This particular piece is from northern Afghanistan ❤ They have been mining Lapis there since before the 7th Century BCE. I find it to be a stone of truth and good judgment. It’s also lovely if you happen to be an artistically creative sort of person ☺ I think this is a lovely piece here with my Prisma Visions Tarot.
Lastly was a surprise piece and one that I already love, Blue Fluorite! I have a few pieces, a sphere, and a tiny octahedron, this worry stone is a gifted piece ☺ In working with it I find it to be very “rational” it’s incredible to work with if you find yourself in a crazy space and need to ground and re-center. It has that “SNAP OUT OF IT!” energy. They are perfect for soul retrieval, anxiety and PTSD. They are literally the calm blue pool. Aren’t they pretty?
These are just my personal impressions and experiences with these stones and crystals. What you experience and the information you receive may be different and will only be as good as your ability to hear their voices.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Wild Unknown Tarot!

I'm so excited to work with this deck!!!! I have stalked it on instagram, watched every review and youtube video made about it, talked myself out of it and yet it kept popping up over and over again ❤ It came out (the first edition) in 2012 so it's been a long slow burning want. It was almost one of those you snooze you lose situations. This is the second edition there are a few changes from the first namely the card backs look more like snakeskin, in the first edition they looked like tree rings and there is more color in a few cards. The box is a bit different as well but the deck is still every bit as amazing perhaps even more so. The reason I say say it was almost a snooze you lose situation is that you will only be able to get it from here: till August 18th 2016 or until she runs out after that it will be available thru HarperElixir presumably a publishing company. Hopefully they won't change it too much! As of today this is what purchase experience is like ◐◯◑ When you pick up the mail you have a box that says:
How cool is that!!! Inside you will find a thank you note and a very carefully packed deck and in my case the guidebook as well :)
I'm all a-quiver!!!!!!!
Here we go the inside of the box says it all ❤
Totally worth the wait! The cards are amazing, they have weight and a very different texture that makes shuffling a dream!!! They even smell good :) Yep I smell the cards, I love the way books and cards smell!!!!! I went thru and picked out my instant favorites.....which oddly are not my typical favorites. I think that's a good thing, I am ready for something new.
More later...... I have a new deck to play with!

More Dream Catchers ❤

Fallen sticks, garden twine, leftover sari silk, caravan bells, antler and feather ❤

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tiny River Tumbled Stone Runes

These are my latest, I'm using them in conjunction with my daily draw. I gathered them one by one each day in September by the river. I have a funny thing about Runes, they only work for me if I create them. I'm hoping to find enough little black ones before we go home to New Mexico :)

Daily Draw from the Efflorescent Tarot

I love this deck!