Thursday, May 24, 2012

Work Space

If it looks shockingly like the corner of a living room you are right it is! I also use the ceiling as a work space.....not pretty but it is what it is...... LOL

Monday, May 21, 2012


This past Sunday I spent the day in a dump to be exact. The previous next door neighbor had been using a backwash area of the previous owners arroyo as his very own personal trash dump. He had dumped lots of old building stuff, old outhouse shacks, junk and trash. It really needs to be cleaned up and slowly but surely it is. But in the meantime I'm spending a bit of time scrounging and scavenging. I've found old enameled pots to put plants in for the green house and lots of old wood probably cedar I won't know for sure till I cut into them. Here's the start of my little pile :)
Then I took a little walk to see what new wildflowers have popped up in the last week....... no clue as to what these are but some evening I'll take a little time to look them all up.
These little blue one look like flax:
My little corner of the arroyo:
In my ramblings I came across a couple of these New Mexico Garter Snakes (I snagged this from the internet since the ones I saw and held were while I was scavenging and my camera was up at the house.)
Sweet little snakes and very gentle :) I love having them around. They are darker and a more muted shade then the ones I've always seen. And to cap the day there was a lovely solar eclipse. I tried to get a good picture through the welding goggles but alas I should have researched "how to" beforehand...... we looked all steampunk standing out in the field in our strange kicking back garb wearing welding goggles!
All in all a perfect style :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Too busy for words!

It's crazy busy around here..... so I'll explain with some boring pictures. First out of the gate..... the greenhouse will be here by Friday....
It's a big one 10' X 20' X 8' the same one in the picture and just in time for the growing season. Next on the list........ Nigerian Dairy Goats...sooner rather than later and probably within the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime we converted the furnace closet to a clothes closet...... small but still usable :) And I finished the first shawl off the new tri it is drying on "Joans" hood in the sun...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Indian Paintbrush

One of the first wildflowers of the season.
With Graces beautiful foot ;) She really has very pretty feet.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Triangle Loom

Whew! I'm on creative overload living up here where I do...... So....... I built a new loom. She is an 8ft at the hypotenuse. I hated geometry, I still do but it is handy for building Triangle Looms. This is my biggest loom to date. I have a love of primitive weaving techniques and a Tri Loom definitely falls into that category. So with a few feet of 1"X 2" red oak, 690 finish nails, my little drill press, wood glue and a hammer I have a new loom to weave beautiful shawls on. YAY!!!! Here I am putting in the nails with my little helper..Vernon!
It took a few days to build, first cutting the lengths just right.... Then marking all of the nail positions. You have to have the same amount of nails on all three sides. Marking the long end is easy but the spacing is different on the short sides, so it's mark, erase, mark, fiddle around with the spacing, mark on and on. Then pre-drilling all of those holes!!! My advice, use a drill press if you have one.... You will burn out your little hand drill or possibly your hand if you don't! Next dip your nails in glue and tap them in. Word of caution, you have to pre drill if you don't the wood will split and the nails will bend. Last put the whole thing together. I used screws and glue I won't be taking this apart. I know there are adjustable ones out there but really for my purposes I just want to make nice big shawls so an adjustable one would be overkill for me plus I have a spot to store it. So next on the list was to try it out :) FUN FUN FUN!!!!! It makes good use of some extra yarn I had laying about. It will take 400 to 500 yards of yarn. I have some black alpaca, light teal bamboo/wool blend and some lambs wool in a deeper teal. Now we will see how long it takes me to make a shawl....Tri Loom weaving is like playing a harp the way you pick up the threads it's very relaxing, so the music is playing and off I go!
Oh one last thing..... It's kind of strange weaving without a shuttle, beater or sticks. These are made with one continuous thread all put into place with your fingers.... You change colors with a Russian join......there is always something new to learn :)