Friday, March 11, 2016

The Wild Unknown Tarot!

I'm so excited to work with this deck!!!! I have stalked it on instagram, watched every review and youtube video made about it, talked myself out of it and yet it kept popping up over and over again ❤ It came out (the first edition) in 2012 so it's been a long slow burning want. It was almost one of those you snooze you lose situations. This is the second edition there are a few changes from the first namely the card backs look more like snakeskin, in the first edition they looked like tree rings and there is more color in a few cards. The box is a bit different as well but the deck is still every bit as amazing perhaps even more so. The reason I say say it was almost a snooze you lose situation is that you will only be able to get it from here: till August 18th 2016 or until she runs out after that it will be available thru HarperElixir presumably a publishing company. Hopefully they won't change it too much! As of today this is what purchase experience is like ◐◯◑ When you pick up the mail you have a box that says:
How cool is that!!! Inside you will find a thank you note and a very carefully packed deck and in my case the guidebook as well :)
I'm all a-quiver!!!!!!!
Here we go the inside of the box says it all ❤
Totally worth the wait! The cards are amazing, they have weight and a very different texture that makes shuffling a dream!!! They even smell good :) Yep I smell the cards, I love the way books and cards smell!!!!! I went thru and picked out my instant favorites.....which oddly are not my typical favorites. I think that's a good thing, I am ready for something new.
More later...... I have a new deck to play with!

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