Monday, May 21, 2012


This past Sunday I spent the day in a dump to be exact. The previous next door neighbor had been using a backwash area of the previous owners arroyo as his very own personal trash dump. He had dumped lots of old building stuff, old outhouse shacks, junk and trash. It really needs to be cleaned up and slowly but surely it is. But in the meantime I'm spending a bit of time scrounging and scavenging. I've found old enameled pots to put plants in for the green house and lots of old wood probably cedar I won't know for sure till I cut into them. Here's the start of my little pile :)
Then I took a little walk to see what new wildflowers have popped up in the last week....... no clue as to what these are but some evening I'll take a little time to look them all up.
These little blue one look like flax:
My little corner of the arroyo:
In my ramblings I came across a couple of these New Mexico Garter Snakes (I snagged this from the internet since the ones I saw and held were while I was scavenging and my camera was up at the house.)
Sweet little snakes and very gentle :) I love having them around. They are darker and a more muted shade then the ones I've always seen. And to cap the day there was a lovely solar eclipse. I tried to get a good picture through the welding goggles but alas I should have researched "how to" beforehand...... we looked all steampunk standing out in the field in our strange kicking back garb wearing welding goggles!
All in all a perfect style :)

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