Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tablet Weaving #3

Here it is! The exact same threading pattern as the last one only with all tablets turned forward. Eight tablets two colors. This one is 92" long and 7/16" wide. I usually work with slightly shorter threads when turning in one direction. I have to stop every ten to twelve inches untie the whole thing and untwist all of the threads then retie the whole thing. I love the way it turned out you can see that by turning in one direction all of the treads neatly twist together.
Here is the pattern for both :)
Patterns for Tablet weaving can be a bit deceptive you can see that rather than a sharp diamond pattern it's actually more rounded due to turning forward and back. You can see a tiny bit of the weft thread where the pattern reverses. This would look really sweet with a different color thread such as red
Where as when the tablets are turned in one direction the pattern ends sharply creating a nice arrowhead pattern.
You can see how easily your imagination can take off! Next week ...chevrons and stripes :) All tangled up in thread.......Desert Willow

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