Monday, April 2, 2012

New Tarot Card Bag in the Shop Today!

One of two new Tarot Card bags in the shop today :)

Keep your Tarot cards safe and secure in a handwoven hand stitched tarot card bag in shades of peach, lavender, ash brown and pink in Merino wool. Lined in a soft brown fabric. Holds standard decks the size of Rider-Waite. Photographed with Paulina Tarot... My personal favorite!!! Great for a spell or charm bag or to store your tumbled stones or crystals. Bag dimensions are 7 3/4"X 4 3/4" All of my items are woven on an Inkle loom and hand-stitched by me :)

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  1. Very pretty! You are really on a great creative roll right now. I am in need of 2 Tarot bags and another set of prayer beads. I will hopefully be able to do some shopping soon.


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