Sunday, April 15, 2012

Deer Totem Prayer Beads

New in the shop today!
Is your totem animal the Deer? Deer Totem Prayer Beads can be a useful tool for meditation or focusing spiritual energies. This set is comprised of: 11 6mm Brecciated Agate, 9 6mm Jade, 8 5mm Brown Pattern Jasper and 9 6mm Dalmatian Jasper beads with brass spacer beads and pewter spirals. The top end has a beautiful pewter deer charm the bottom has a antler tip. The total length is 14 1/2 ”. There is a lake near by where I love to hike, the ground is littered with great chunks of agate all around and there are always deer to be seen :) So naturally I love the combination of the jade jasper and agate ..very "woodsy" feeling! All of the antler I use in my jewelry and Runes is shed antler that I find while hiking around the back country of New Mexico.

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  1. This is stunning and very tempting. The antler tip is a fantastic touch. I am very drawn to it, I do love Deer...but you know me and Owls. Hmmm...decisions, decisions.


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