Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peep Post!!

We just finished the new hen house... actually a garden shed... and run for the "girls"so now we have 9 very happy hens :) Spring is in the air and peeps are at the feed store!!! Yay! We picked up three new P's to add to the flock. Let me introduce Piper, Pepper and Pandora. Sweet peas as my dear friend Keriay calls the babies :) These are Australorps and will be all black when they grow up, their feathers will have a green and purple sheen to them and they are known as the champion layers of the backyard flock.
Pardon the pink cast to the picture they are in the brooding box out in the hen house under a heat lamp.
Our flock of hens are a mix of different breeds. We have two Ameraucanas (actually probably mongrel Easter Eggers) Patchouli and Prudence, only Patchouli lays the blue/green eggs. Two Rhode Island Reds Perna and Pippa, they lay beautiful large dark brown eggs consistently. One Buff Orpington named Patience, she lays light tan eggs, one every other day. Two Austra Whites, Padma and Parvati, these are very pretty hens, sparkling white with little black specks and lay the whitest eggs. The only draw back to these are they have huge roostery (I think I just made up a word) looking combs. Not a good thing in very cold climates I will need to keep a close eye on them in the winter. The last two are bantams...just because they are so darned cute! Pixie Styx is a cream color English Bantam she lays little white eggs about every 3-4 days Poema is a Millie Fleur and lays tiny light brown eggs ......when ever she is in the mood :) I had three other Millie hens and two roosters but while we were moving we had "others" "caring" for them and the the hen house doors were left open....a tragically bad idea in coyote country. The moral of the story is NEVER give your livestock over to the care of others. Other things happening around here ... gardens ...but I'll save that for then next post.

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  1. Yay for new P's. They are really cute and so soft looking. I look forward to seeing them grow :-)


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