Monday, February 6, 2012

Llama break......

Around here we have what we call Llama break...It's kind of like a coffee break only with Llamas. They meander around the 100 or so acres next to us but they seem to favor a spot right next to us they are there every day resting under the pines and browsing in the dry grass. They also have a fondness for our Border Collie Grace. Up till today I couldn't get a decent picture of them I don't know if the camera or the sound of it makes them nervous or what the issue was. I have miss several photo op's with the baby nose to nose with Grace so cute!!! Today Grace decided that those Llamas were hers and she needed to bring them to me. She is not trained as a herding dog but oddly she knows how to circle, approach and lie down. She rounded them up and brought them to me... much to my dismay! Llamas spit. So here I was face to face with the male ...thankfully no spit. I had a heck of a time explaining to Grace that you just can't take whatever livestock you come across.... they call that rustling and I don't want to her little face on a wanted poster :)

Ya know I was supposed to be painting or some such today............


  1. It looks like it was a very nice day and a good day to round up llamas. Grace is such a smart dog. You did look a bit close to the one llama there. I like them but they make me nervous as do Camels. The fear of the possible spitting scenario...with my luck it would get in my eye or mouth or BOTH. Although supposedly they do that when threatened like Turkey Vultures (although regurgitaiton in their case).

  2. All I could think about was the possibility of Llama spit! But Grace does seem to know what she is doing plus I think those Llamas really like her :) I wondered about Jerry has he ever felt "threatened"? Holy cow!


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