Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well after 2 1/2 months our water situation is finally all sorted out! We paid a visit to the Ramah Navajo Tribal Chapter and they were happy to provide us with a water card for access to Jacobs Well. Water is now a very economical 2 cents a gallon...YAY!!! After hauling water 160 miles one way it's a relief. We had been bringing it up from the old place but now that the trips are becoming fewer and fewer it was critical to find a water source. A well is still out of the question several thousand dollars and all of the equipment required is a bit out of reach at the moment...but that could change :) Really though hauling water is not as tough as it may sound and it is more common than you may think. The well where we happen to be getting our water is the water source for the community of Pinehill. That means the water is filtered..through three huge filters provided by the USDA to the Ramah Navajo Community. The day we got our card we drove down to check out the condition of the road and the well we happened across Everett the technician that works on the five community wells. He was thrilled to show us the facility and explain how the water was filtered and the depth of that particular well. Lets just say the well is very deep much deeper than what you would have for a private well. The reason we are able to access the Navajo Tribal wells is that our property is surrounded on three sides by tribal land so we are checker boarded in. We can go to the tribal community meetings as well, we can't vote but are considered friends of the Navajo so we are welcome to attend. Fun! We made two trips to the well and now our tank is full.  On our second trip to the well we ran into Leyton...the director of the Wolf Sanctuary... he was on his way to the transfer station at Pinehill to drop off some trash. He lost a bit of it on the road and was patiently going along picking up each and every piece. We stopped and visited for a few minutes when he asked where we were going to get water. We explained the situation with the Candy Kitchen Ranch well at capacity and how we had been bringing water up from the old place but were finally able to get water from the Navajos.  He said if we wanted to we were welcome to go get water at the Wolf Sanctuary camp ground anytime..... for free. I think we are lucky to live in a place with such kind people...a rarity these days.


  1. Isn't it amazing what we country folk must go through to get basic services readily available to urban dwellers? We learn to appreciate what we have so much more. I live in the mountains off the grid, so every drop of water and light that readily turns on is a blessing! Great blog and etsy shop! Thanks for finding my blog, too:)

  2. You are very blessed to have such kind and helpful folks in your community. I am glad you got the water sorted out for now. How long does the tank last you on average? Just curious because my Uncle has rural property with NO water source, not even for a well. So he is paying for a mountain with an incredible view, an ocean view but does nothing with the land.

  3. We have the best neighbors in the world!! Our tank is a 1550 so it will last us between 4 and 6 months at least now that it is full. Wells can be very expensive to put in so if you can find a good water source to haul from sometimes that is the better deal.


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