Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Leather Wrap Bracelet

Sometimes I create something that I'm not so sure about.....
Blue Aventurine is a calming stone and is used in healing, balancing the emotions, and helps one to communicate clearly and creatively. Blue Aventurine stimulates creativity, intellect and independence. It enhances leadership qualities allowing the wearer to act decisively, with strong intuitive power. Blue Aventurine also has important effects on the emotional health of the wearer. It helps with depression. People often feel very happy when they wear this stone. Peach or Apricot aventurine gently increases the energy, help with decision-making and can boost creativity. Serpentine is an earthing stone that aids meditation and spiritual exploration. ☽✪☾ Less than twenty four hours after it was listed it was.........gone! I need to learn not to second guess myself.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Leather Wrap Bracelets

These are making their way into the shop :)
Boho hippie style leather triple wrap bracelet with hand stitched 6mm Crazy Lace Agate beads and an antique gold pewter button closure. Hand knotted distressed leather. 22" long. This make me think of Sunflowers and sunny days :) Crazy Lace Agate is called the Laughter Stone, or "Happy Lace." It is associated with sunny days, dancing and brings joy to those who wear it. It is not a stone of protection, but of support and encouragement, elevating thoughts and promoting optimism. Its graceful design, in random lacy patterns, creates a circular flow of energy, stimulating for the mind and attitude. Agate is sometimes called the earth rainbow because, in its various forms, the concentric bands in nature form nearly every color the earth can produce, including a colorless form.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Crane

I had to stand inside the front door to get a shot of him/her. They have very sharp eyes!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Every single time I went out today there was a Crane out on the dock. Every single time I reached for the camera it took off. To the ancient Chinese, the Crane was a symbol of justice and longevity. A Crane totem entering your life could signal recovery of what was lost to you. Crane people have a sense of secrecy and protectiveness. Crane reflects the importance of not dividing your attention between more than one project rather focusing on just the more important one. Mothers with Crane totems do better as stay-at-home moms rather than trying to juggle raising a family and work. If this is impossible, ask Crane to help you accomplish both. Crane can teach you how to celebrate your creative resources and keep them alive, by having the proper focus in your life. I decided to drop everything and weave.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today was a day filled with color ❤ Not yet the intense color of Autumn but the color of creatures that visit the cottage. We have a pair a Cardinals that hang out in the thicket by the stone staircase leading to the rivers edge. There also seem to be more butterflies than usual. We have many yellow sulfer butterflies and these tiny blue ones, I have no idea what they are and my favorite Monarchs! I just realized that there is milkweed scattered among the ivy and the maple and oak saplings. There were dozens of Monarchs everywhere I looked. They seemed to be mimicking the the leaves that have begun to change. Here's one that sat still enough for a photograph, this is in the wild tangle on the north edge of the lawn overlooking the river.

Turtle Totem

Yesterday as I was sorting thru boxes to see what goes where I decided to grab a drink and take in the view for a moment.....after all that's why I'm here in the first place. Moving is crazy. At least it makes me crazy everything all willy nilly in the wrong place, in the wrong box, BROKEN!!!! I had just discovered my shortbread pan that I loved is shattered. But there is still too much to do and deal with so I put the pieces on the table wrapped up in paper to list on the damage claim sheet. The day before I had moved a table outside under the Loblolly Pines and Maple trees I thought it would be nice to have a place to get outside and shift my focus for a bit. Theres a little spot that sticks out a bit at the edge of the yard before it drops to the rivers edge that nice for sitting and watching..........everything! As I was making my way to the table...slow going barefoot due to the amount of pinecone, sticks and pine needles I came across this little one making her way under the the table.......Good for me.....something to take my mind off the broken things.
A few things about Turtle: A great deal of mythology exists in regard to the turtle. In the Far East, the shell was a symbol of heaven, and the square underside was a symbol of earth. The turtle was an animal whose magic could help you unite heaven and earth within your own life. A symbol of the turtle was an invitation for the blessings of both heaven and earth. The turtle is a shore creature, using the land and the water. All shore areas are associated with doorways to the Faerie Realm. The turtle is sometimes known as the keeper to the doors. turtles thus were often seen as signs of fairy contact and the promise of fairy rewards. To the Native Americans, it was associated with the lunar cycle, menstruation, and the power of the female energies. The markings and sections on some turtles total thirteen. In the lunar calendar, there are either thirteen full moons or thirteen new moons alternating each year. Many believe this is where the association with the female energies originated. turtle is the symbol of the primal mother. It does not move fast. It is as if, on some level, turtle knows it has all the time in the world. turtle medicine can teach new perceptions about time and our relationship with it. turtle totems hold the mystery of awakening the senses - on both physical and spiritual levels. turtle stimulates hearing and clairaudience. It can help with vision and clairvoyance. It heightens the sense of smell and higher discrimination. If turtle has shown up, you may need to ask yourself some questions. Are you not seeing what you should? Are you not hearing what you should? What is it that you are not discerning? Turtles carry their home on their back. The shell is actually the backbone and ribs of the turtle. It serves as home and shelter for it. Although some believe it impossible, if a turtle is flipped onto its back it can right itself. It uses its strong neck and head to flip itself over. For those with this totem, it is a reminder to use your own head and knowledge to right yourself when your world gets topsy turvy. Sometimes turtles show up as a totem to help us during such times. When turtle shows up in your life it is usually a reminder to pay attention or you will miss opportunities. To the Native Americans, the turtle was a symbol of Mother Earth and a reminder that she provides for all of our needs. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees, and turtle can slow us down to help us see our opportunities. If turtle has shown up in your life, it is time to get connected to your most primal essence. Go within your shell and come out when your ideas are ready to be expressed. It is time to recognize that there is an abundance out there for you. It doesn't have to be gotten quickly and immediately. Take your time and let the natural flow work for you. Too much, too soon, can upset the balance. turtle reminds us that all we need for all that we do is available to us, if we approach it in the right manner and time. Turtle showed up just in the nick of time ☽✪☾

Sunset ❤

The first Sunset at the new place. Sunset's a big deal here, people come out to watch from their porches, docks and beaches. We sat on the sea wall of our place to watch this one.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Different Color Palette

Are you inspired by the nature around you? I know I am. The colors in the natural world around me inspire the patterns and colors of my weaving and the themes of my prayer beads. While living in New Mexico the palette was sandy gold, red clays, brilliant blues, pale pink primrose and subtle grey greens. Here in Southern Maryland it's a softer blue, an amazing array of green, purples, yellows and a crazy amount of "butterfly" color...........Now I'm just waiting for the fall color to burst! Here is my first creation inspired after a bit of "Earthing" in the woods......right behind the hotel we're staying in till the cottage is ready :)
These were photographed on a fallen tree ....... I love this as a background!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sorry for the break! Just completing our move to Maryland...I will post pictures of the house and the area soon (in a couple of weeks). We've been busy learning the area and attending a little street fair in Leonardtown. Really sweet little town Grace and Blaze had so much fun meeting people......and barking with the band..LOL Shhhh........sneak peek of the house :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

English Shepherd....Have you ever seen an English Shepherd?

The answer is probably yes although you may not have known it. Here is some breed information for y'all. This is from Wikipedia The English Shepherd is an extremely versatile breed of working dog of the collie lineage, developed in the United States from farm dogs brought by English and Scottish settlers in the 18th and 19th centuries before fancy pedigrees became fashionable around the end of the 19th century. Many farmers appreciated the breed for their versatility and not for their flash or strict conformation to a standard of appearance. These dogs were bred to do various tasks around the farm and not for show. Unlike some other herding dogs, as a breed English Shepherds have not been specialized to work one species of livestock. English Shepherds have primarily been used on small diversified farms that have a number of different livestock species, including cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, and fowl. English shepherds both herd and protect livestock. English Shepherds are similar in appearance to Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. English Shepherds usually have tails and a less rounded head than many Aussies. English Shepherds are never merle and Aussies frequently are. They are generally not square in body like an Aussie. English Shepherds tend to be larger than Border Collies but are most readily distinguished from Border Collies by their very different upright, loose-eyed herding style. The English Shepherd is a medium sized dog, usually somewhat longer than it is tall. It generally weighs between 40 and 70 pounds (20 to 30 kg) and is balanced in proportions. As a working dog on small farms, English Shepherds have been selected to fulfill a variety of needs. This has resulted in a wide range of regional variations. The coat is medium length and can be straight, wavy, or curly. There is frequently feathering on the legs and tail. As a working dog, the coat should be easy to keep, requiring very little grooming. Dirt tends to just fall away. The primary coat colors are: sable and white (clear and shaded), tricolor, black and white, and black and tan. Other variations such as solid dogs of any color, brindles, and red nosed tricolors and sables also exist but are not common. The English Shepherd temperament is the defining characteristic of the breed, with high intelligence and often a unique type of kindness for those in his home, both animals and people. The English Shepherd is often an independent worker. English Shepherds are adaptable and learn routines quickly. Some can be watchful of strangers and are more one-person dogs. However, once he accepts people or children or stock as his own, there are few better caretakers than an English Shepherd. The English Shepherd frequently exhibits an independent, bossy or "enforcer of the rules" streak in his temperament. If the dog's desire to enforce order is not channeled and directed to a suitable end by a strong, confident leader, he may exhibit many undesirable behaviors. Nevertheless, English shepherds can thrive as companion dogs in environments that provide sufficient mental and physical stimulation. This breed was selected on diverse small family farms in the past and has been selected to work in a partnership arrangement with his master. Originating in northern England and Scotland, these dogs came with the first settlers to reach the American colonies. American farmers appreciated this versatile breed and used dogs to protect their farms and livestock. Quoting from Leon F. Whitney early in the 20th century ("How to Breed Dogs", 1937, no ISBN) "It is known variously as the farm shepherd, the barnyard collie, the old fashioned shepherd, the cow dog, the English Shepherd, and other colloquial names. And while I doubt there is a more alert, trustworthy, or American dog, still no breed specialty clubs have organized to push it. It is the ordinary shepherd that one sees on farm after farm throughout the country." ( Despite the publication date of 1937 given here English Shepherds were registered as a breed before that time through UKC (1927) and probably the defunct Southeastern Kennel Club before then. UKC also apparently had another registration going on for a type of "farm shepherd" that was separate from the English Shepherd. Many times the names were confused but at other times they were distinguished as different breeds.) All of these names as well as Farm Collie were applied to the farm shepherds of the era. As there was no breed club or registry until later, there is some dispute over exactly which name applies to which dogs. The Australian Shepherd developed in the Western United States and may be related to the English Shepherd, as well as to herding dogs from Germany and Spain, The English Shepherd on the other hand was more common in the Midwest and East. These dogs are primarily descendants of the working farm dogs of England. As the small diversified farms in the mid-western and eastern United States dwindled in numbers, many of them replaced by larger and less diversified operations, the English Shepherd became a rare breed. English Shepherds are very quick to learn farm routines and will work independently with little training, but will benefit from some training and guidance. More than just a specialty herding breed, the English Shepherd is also a guardian of property and livestock, and a hunter of game and vermin on their territory. English Shepherds are also known for their ability to track and 'tree' raccoons and squirrels. The modern English Shepherd is best suited for farm work, but they are used for hunting, search and rescue (SAR), therapy, and as competitors in dog agility, obedience, Rally obedience, tracking, and flyball. English Shepherds are often larger than Border Collies, but the quickest way to tell the two apart is to put them on stock. Border Collies tend to herd with a distinctive strong eye contact and a crouching stance, while English Shepherds have an upright, loose-eyed herding style. English Shepherds can work all types of stock—from the meanest bull to baby chickens. Compared to others, they are prized above specialty herding breeds for being as gentle as possible or as tough as necessary with the stock. This ability to rate their stock stems from the great empathy they have for their family and livestock. With the right upbringing, this empathy makes the English Shepherd a wonderful family dog. However, the same bossy nature which this breed excels at in keeping order on the farm can cause havoc in the local dog park where the English Shepherd often appoints himself as the leader or alpha dog. This is one with a pedigree a mile long!
And here is my girl Blaze
So what do you think English Shepherd??

Friday, June 22, 2012


This is so cool! I found it on Facebook and thought it would make a cute match to the Goat Barn that is currently in the works.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


One of my favorite hiking places is up the road a piece from my house... Bandera Volcano and the Ice Cave.........The land of fire and Ice :) The other favorite is El Morro National Monument which is even closer .. you can take a 1/2 mile walk or do the whole 5 miles... half of which is "uphill" LOL

Sunday, June 10, 2012


That's why they call it a pole barn :) It's been slow going since I only have the money from my Etsy shop to work with. There's always something or someone standing around to gobble up my meager proceeds. But it's getting done! Wednesday the roofing will go up and possibly the back wall............stay tuned :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Happenings around here :)

Per usual it's super busy around here :) Here's the list: 12 1/2 pints of Strawberry Jam 3 pints of Apricot Jam....... probably my best ever! 1 new Rooster 2 new Hens Here is Huckleberry Finn and Paisley
and Poppy
They are a bit on the ratty side at the moment but not to worry they are moulting and soon with excellent care they will be every bit as beautiful as Poema! (These are all Mille Fleur d'uccle chickens) Okay off to watch some "chicken tv"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Work Space

If it looks shockingly like the corner of a living room you are right it is! I also use the ceiling as a work space.....not pretty but it is what it is...... LOL

Monday, May 21, 2012


This past Sunday I spent the day in a dump to be exact. The previous next door neighbor had been using a backwash area of the previous owners arroyo as his very own personal trash dump. He had dumped lots of old building stuff, old outhouse shacks, junk and trash. It really needs to be cleaned up and slowly but surely it is. But in the meantime I'm spending a bit of time scrounging and scavenging. I've found old enameled pots to put plants in for the green house and lots of old wood probably cedar I won't know for sure till I cut into them. Here's the start of my little pile :)
Then I took a little walk to see what new wildflowers have popped up in the last week....... no clue as to what these are but some evening I'll take a little time to look them all up.
These little blue one look like flax:
My little corner of the arroyo:
In my ramblings I came across a couple of these New Mexico Garter Snakes (I snagged this from the internet since the ones I saw and held were while I was scavenging and my camera was up at the house.)
Sweet little snakes and very gentle :) I love having them around. They are darker and a more muted shade then the ones I've always seen. And to cap the day there was a lovely solar eclipse. I tried to get a good picture through the welding goggles but alas I should have researched "how to" beforehand...... we looked all steampunk standing out in the field in our strange kicking back garb wearing welding goggles!
All in all a perfect style :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Too busy for words!

It's crazy busy around here..... so I'll explain with some boring pictures. First out of the gate..... the greenhouse will be here by Friday....
It's a big one 10' X 20' X 8' the same one in the picture and just in time for the growing season. Next on the list........ Nigerian Dairy Goats...sooner rather than later and probably within the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime we converted the furnace closet to a clothes closet...... small but still usable :) And I finished the first shawl off the new tri it is drying on "Joans" hood in the sun...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Indian Paintbrush

One of the first wildflowers of the season.
With Graces beautiful foot ;) She really has very pretty feet.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Triangle Loom

Whew! I'm on creative overload living up here where I do...... So....... I built a new loom. She is an 8ft at the hypotenuse. I hated geometry, I still do but it is handy for building Triangle Looms. This is my biggest loom to date. I have a love of primitive weaving techniques and a Tri Loom definitely falls into that category. So with a few feet of 1"X 2" red oak, 690 finish nails, my little drill press, wood glue and a hammer I have a new loom to weave beautiful shawls on. YAY!!!! Here I am putting in the nails with my little helper..Vernon!
It took a few days to build, first cutting the lengths just right.... Then marking all of the nail positions. You have to have the same amount of nails on all three sides. Marking the long end is easy but the spacing is different on the short sides, so it's mark, erase, mark, fiddle around with the spacing, mark on and on. Then pre-drilling all of those holes!!! My advice, use a drill press if you have one.... You will burn out your little hand drill or possibly your hand if you don't! Next dip your nails in glue and tap them in. Word of caution, you have to pre drill if you don't the wood will split and the nails will bend. Last put the whole thing together. I used screws and glue I won't be taking this apart. I know there are adjustable ones out there but really for my purposes I just want to make nice big shawls so an adjustable one would be overkill for me plus I have a spot to store it. So next on the list was to try it out :) FUN FUN FUN!!!!! It makes good use of some extra yarn I had laying about. It will take 400 to 500 yards of yarn. I have some black alpaca, light teal bamboo/wool blend and some lambs wool in a deeper teal. Now we will see how long it takes me to make a shawl....Tri Loom weaving is like playing a harp the way you pick up the threads it's very relaxing, so the music is playing and off I go!
Oh one last thing..... It's kind of strange weaving without a shuttle, beater or sticks. These are made with one continuous thread all put into place with your fingers.... You change colors with a Russian join......there is always something new to learn :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Hands behind Handmade.

In response to the recent "Etsy Reseller Kerfuffle".......Actually a PR disaster for the Etsy Admin of Tiatanic proportions! (No pun intended) Many of the real handmade sellers on Etsy are on a show us your hands campaign. So here are the hands of a handmade seller in all of their beat up glory. You can see more beautiful artistic hands by typing "teamhandmade" in the Etsy search bar.........Go team!!!!! :) A weavers hand.

Friday, April 20, 2012

First peek at a custom piece :)

This is a wee peek at a custom piece that I just started on for an Etsy customer. It's for a guy in the SCA, his persona is a Berber I'm thinking from Northern Africa probably around the time of the early Crusades, I'm not sure but I will be asking him. I'm certain that his garb is amazing. That's the thing I love about my male Etsy customers they put tremendous effort into their SCA garb. I'm hoping I can get a picture of him in his to add to my private SCA guys album :)


Here it is, the promised stripes! Eight tablets all turned forward threaded \/\/\/\/ (that's S and Z) in two colors of silk A and B threaded in Azure, C and D threaded in Tangerine :) 96" long and 3/16" wide ha ha if you call that wide. I love tangerine and azure together.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little time out for a pagan team cross promote!

This is from a team members shop:) I love jasper and agate..check it out :) Here is the link to her shop
On Sale through Beltaine. After that the price for this magic / magick altar tool will be $40.00. This one of a kind 2.5 inch Landscape Jasper ritual altar bowl was hand carved and polished to bring out the rich iron stain veins and the wood grain effects of the inclusions. There is a translucent section of Plasma agate, which gets it's rich green hue from Chrome. This piece is ideal for working magick. You can fill it with sacred salt for cleansing and calling quarters, fragrant oils or water for blessings. My photos were taken in natural sunlight so as best to display the natural colors inherent in the the stone. The piece is much brighter than the photos can convey. Scientific Properties of Jasper: Stone Type/Family: Silicates Crystal System: Trigonal Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide with various inclusions/impurities Jasper is a member of chalcedony family. Color: Multi-colored, Solid. Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green Hardness: 6.5 - 7.0 Source of this Landscape Jasper: Africa, Madagascar Jasper is known as the “Supreme Nurturer”. This stone has been used and revered by people world over. Many people believe that this supreme nurturer has energetic powers which heal the soul and body. Jasper was one of the stones worn in the breastplate of Aaron the great healer, brother of Moses. Some Native Americans believe that Jasper can protect us in astral travel and also could open the gateways of the spiritual realms. Rainadelmagick always includes a thank you gifts of a field collected crystal or mineral with every purchase.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I know it was supposed to be stripes!

But I got bored and wanted to something 30 tablets four colors 100% wool. 91" long 1 1/2" wide phew! got that out of my system....... there will be stripes this week.

Deer Totem Prayer Beads

New in the shop today!
Is your totem animal the Deer? Deer Totem Prayer Beads can be a useful tool for meditation or focusing spiritual energies. This set is comprised of: 11 6mm Brecciated Agate, 9 6mm Jade, 8 5mm Brown Pattern Jasper and 9 6mm Dalmatian Jasper beads with brass spacer beads and pewter spirals. The top end has a beautiful pewter deer charm the bottom has a antler tip. The total length is 14 1/2 ”. There is a lake near by where I love to hike, the ground is littered with great chunks of agate all around and there are always deer to be seen :) So naturally I love the combination of the jade jasper and agate ..very "woodsy" feeling! All of the antler I use in my jewelry and Runes is shed antler that I find while hiking around the back country of New Mexico.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tablet Weaving #4

As promised a chevron pattern in black and waterlily pink. Again eight tablets four threaded S and four threaded Z in two colors. All tablets turned forward to create a sharp chevron. It is 96" long and 7/16" wide I was able to weave about 15" before I had to untie it and untwist the threads. Another option would be to reverse about every ten chevrons and have a diamond at the reverse.
Next up stripes :) I will post the pattern draft for the chevrons with the stripes. Hopefully I can get some shots of the threading and the weaving in progress for the next one.........

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tablet Weaving #3

Here it is! The exact same threading pattern as the last one only with all tablets turned forward. Eight tablets two colors. This one is 92" long and 7/16" wide. I usually work with slightly shorter threads when turning in one direction. I have to stop every ten to twelve inches untie the whole thing and untwist all of the threads then retie the whole thing. I love the way it turned out you can see that by turning in one direction all of the treads neatly twist together.
Here is the pattern for both :)
Patterns for Tablet weaving can be a bit deceptive you can see that rather than a sharp diamond pattern it's actually more rounded due to turning forward and back. You can see a tiny bit of the weft thread where the pattern reverses. This would look really sweet with a different color thread such as red
Where as when the tablets are turned in one direction the pattern ends sharply creating a nice arrowhead pattern.
You can see how easily your imagination can take off! Next week ...chevrons and stripes :) All tangled up in thread.......Desert Willow