Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What did your dream life look like when you envisioned it?

I’m sitting here in light of an oil lamp that was a gift from a dear sister on the eve of the winter solstice. It’s just starting to get dark out and I’ve been daydreaming looking out the dining room window for the last hour or so. I see snow, lots of snow, pine trees, moss covered rocks in the distance, llamas sheltering under a tree a few hundred yards from the house. Inside the house it’s warm, kind of dry (except where the roof is leaking over the windows as the ice and snow melt LOL) the dog and cats,,,all five of them are in various states of bliss warming in front of the pellet stove. 

When I envisioned this whole thing it looked remarkably similar to the reality. The house would be a rustic ramshackle sort of thing… which it is. I would do laundry by hand….. which I do. I would weave and create ….. I do some of that… but in my dreams I had a lot more time for that …. In reality not so much! The water situation and the bathroom actually are fairly close to the dream mostly because I’m fairly realistic. But in my dreams the floors were level and I had more closet space…. Maybe when I find the time I’ll find a closet or perhaps if I find a closet it may contain some time….the floor is a whole different matter.

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