Sunday, December 4, 2011

Still here!

Well well here I am Saturday night and still no Internet! Hopefully the third time’s the charm! Supposedly on Monday, they need some different type of something or other to lock on to the satellite from where we are. Gods you would think we are on the dark side of the Moon! I can just hear them now….. We couldn’t find you on Google maps or mapquest! That excuse is wearing thin! Right now we are driving 50 miles one way every 4 or 5 days or so for “free” wifi. We have to in order to pay bills and do banking, he has unemployment crap to deal with and I have a business to run.
On a brighter note the living room and bedroom are somewhat put together! YAY!!! The bathroom and kitchen not so much LOL It’s always a bit of a challenge doing repairs/minor remodeling while you are living in it. But the books are in the bookcase, the TV is on the wall and you can get to the old wicker sofa and chairs to sit on them ☺ Oops…. Yep… time warp! The wicker furniture is over 25 years old and it’s what we are using in our new place! The only thing we were able to (barely) fit from the old place was the bedroom furniture. It actually felt good to let go. I keep saying we have too much stuff. We left all of the heavy wood and leather at the house for the boys to use… it will work better for them. I am still pairing down as we go and it is starting to click. I’m looking at our stuff with new eyes and using it all in different ways.

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  1. We all tell ourselves that one day we will look back and laugh. Go you.


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