Saturday, December 10, 2011

Putting things in order

It's been really cold out so the order of the day(s) has getting this place in order. Our tiny mobile home was neglected for many many years. Most notably the water damage the went untended to.... mind you the roof was replaced and is in perfect condition but they ignored the damage to the ceiling and the walls ...and the floor.... My best guess is that it has been this way since the early 1980's. So the end result is that the old girl is a bit warped, crumbly, water stained and crooked. I am making headway though! The bedroom is 90% in order. The bathroom is done with the exception of the light fixtures.... I'm not "allowed" to touch the electrical! The living room is about 80% done.. there are still mirror tiles on the wall that must GO!!! I have been focusing on the office/storage room and the second and totally unnecessary "bathroom" I think it should be storage. It's really hard to fit a 1400 square foot house with a garage and 250 square foot storage room into 800 square feet. I need that bathroom for storage. But first a thing or two about that bathroom. It's purple. I don't like purple walls. Also just a bit of advice if you do paint a room purple. Use painters tape. The purple was bad enough but purple slopped over on to everything is just gross. Here is the bathroom in question:

And here it is now in cottage white!

And yes that light fixture is still dangling there :) Remember... I'm not allowed to touch the electrical. Onward there is a room that needs organizing.
If you don't hear from me I'll be underneath all this stuff!

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