Monday, November 14, 2011

A wee journal of the past weekend

Oh WOW what a fun first day! Just getting the first trailer load here was a huge thing… Mostly just basics and the fuel for the pellet stove. Then dive in and clean and clear. It may take a few trips to get things just right but we had our first dinner here nothing huge just simple spaghetti and some good wine ☺ We are just sitting here in the dark looking out the windows at the amazing view warmed by the pellet stove… that by the way needed a wee bit of maintenance before we could get it to work. Good thing for the handy husband! Did I mention that this place is like a 60’s early 70’s time capsule? Tons of cool dishes (like I need more of those!!) and cookware also tons of stuff that is just destined for the trash LOL…. It is really weird not having running water, traditional heating oh and yeah a toilet and shower… I just really need to change the way I think!!! It is actually probably for the best. I have been thinking for some time that I take way too much for granted. It really is a shift in thinking when you have to plan everything well in advance such as if you want hot water you have to heat it .. in a pan …..with water from a transport container poured into whatever it is you want to use. A dishpan, a bowl, a wash-tub, for a bath …whatever! Have you ever counted how many times during the day you turn on the tap without a second thought or even a first one for that matter. Based on the amount of times I reach for the tap I must be a notorious water waster. I guess it will just take time to break the habit and sort it all out ☺
The second day was pretty busy. Getting the furniture out of the house bringing in the supplies for the fix up and getting to all of the little time sucking things that can’t be ignored. Things like holes in the floor, loose siding on the house and a storage carport/tent flapping in the wind that need to be staked and tied down. There was also a “basement” odor to the place that we quickly figured out was wafting thru the floor vents from the defunct central heating system. This single-wide modular has been here since the 80’s and was actually built in 1971 so the heating system had been used for maybe 10 years at the most. My question is: Is all of the duct-work just dangling underneath there and has it been like that for the last 30 or so years? The funny thing was first thing in the morning I was sitting looking out the window at the sunrise hoping to seen some sort of critter when I heard the strange humming sort of singing so I grabbed my camera and ran out the door and what do I see??? Three adult llama’s and a cria of all things! They were just on the other side of the barbed wire fence on National Timber land just grazing and singing to each other. They made an alarmed little hum when they saw me. So much for “wild” critters…LOL

We are still here as of Sunday as there were still several little fiddly things to deal with. Just changing the locks on the doors was an ordeal everything was rusty and the house has shifted a bit (about a ¼”) over the years. I spent the day scraping all of the “crud” out of the tracks for the windows. The lady that lived here before didn’t understand that the little holes in the window frame were for drainage so she had stuffed things in the tracks to block them. The problem with her thinking was that it created a larger problem….. water overflowing the track and damaging the window sills and the walls below the windows. There was even moss growing in one of the tracks…we have really beautiful mosses and lichens that grow here. And there were the window “treatments” holy cow! Gross! All pink and flowery… maybe it’s just me I’m not a pink flowery person. Actually I was more fond of the “Harvest Gold” of the early seventies than I was of the eighties and ninety’s flowery Victorian looking stuff. Well here it is 1 am Monday we just got home and we are already thinking of what we need to do for the next trip up later this week! Maybe I’ll just soak in the tub while I still can ☺

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Wow there is a lot going on and plenty to do. Exciting :-) Did you sleep well there? Just curious...I sort of feel like sleeping well in a new place is a good omen as silly as that may seem. The water situation would definitely be tough for me. It has been when we have camped in places with no water other than a river. Lol!


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