Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time to tear into the new "house"

Tomorrow will be spent gathering supplies to haul up to the new place to start cleaning, clearing and repairing it so we can get ourselves moved in! I've made my list of things I need to pickup at Home Depot and of the things I need to bring from home. I just need to make a quick stop at the herb shop for a nice sage bundle :) It feels pretty good in there to me but the husband was a wee bit mortified at the condition of the place. Granted there are a few nasty bits in there, I think that's to be expected of a place that old and left on it's own for the last five or six years. Regardless we will be there Friday and Saturday with me ripping into the interior and the husband into the exterior. We are lucky to have our extremely talented and handy son coming up with us for some of the things that are a bit beyond us such as repairing the ceiling and ripping out a wall or two... LOL or possibly building something or other we just never know! We need a bit of a mudroom at the back door since there is not so much as a sliver of an overhang off of the house over either door. It will make for some very exciting cold and wet entrances and exits from the house. I'm really looking forward to "camping" out up there with no cable or internet for a couple of days with the guys and the Border Collie gang... I need the gang for the warmth LOL... More when I get back and maybe some pictures!!!! Yay!!!

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  1. I hope everything goes as smooth as possible. The place is certainly in good hands renovation wise. I hope you do take pics, I would love to see some. Have fun camping and giving needed TLC to your new home :-)


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