Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Roses and L.L. Bean

I was supposed to be packing for the move all day...... but instead I spent the day collecting seeds from all kinds wildflowers and digging up roses bushes!!!!! The seeds are now in labeled ziplock bags and the roses are happily nestled in 5 gallon nursery pots. I love my roses.... They need to move with me :) I made the mistake before (more times than I can count)  of leaving the roses I planted behind only to later learn that they were neglected or ripped out! NO MORE!!!!!! The roses I love and have (had) in my garden are old garden varieties ... they are quite hardy and have handled being moved around in the past. I've actually become quite adept at moving roses and this is a good time of year to do it. We are just starting to freeze here and they have just gone to sleep for the winter. Wow... will they be surprised when they wake up!!! They will likely be much happier this year since they will winter over in the nursery pots in a makeshift greenhouse. Regardless they will either live or die with me at my hand rather than abandoned to the uninformed or uncaring. Tomorrow it's back to packing.... Sylvan informed me that we could close this week on the property. Now for a wee rant. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH L.L. Bean! Why are the men's jeans lined with flannel and the women's aren't? They must think we don't get cold. Why are all of the mens coats, sweaters and shirts in beautiful earth-tones and autumn colors and the women's are pink and purple. Don't get me wrong purple is a perfectly valid color but pink is just not for me. And last but not least why are the men's shoes made so much better that the women's???? Why?? Why???


  1. I am glad to hear you have collected seeds and are bringing your roses. When we moved we left a lot behind that I would have liked to bring :-( Wow it sounds like LL Bean really needs to focus on the needs of their female customers more.

  2. LOL!!!! A perfectly valid rant ;-) I am so glad to hear you are taking your roses. I do believe that plants bond with you and that they will let you know when they are ready to move on from you. (((Love you)))


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