Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Road Trip

We spent the day arranging for the electric service such as it is. LOL.... Going the to the Ramah Post Office to figure out our actual address and trying to gain access to the Candy Kitchen community well... no luck with that there is a waiting list since they have too many people using it already :( But as luck would have it and I am a fairly lucky person we met a nice Navajo woman that told us about their well that we can use. She says their water is better... the well is much deeper and the flow is stronger so your tank fills faster and ......cheaper!!!! At just .02 cents a gallon.... Yay!!!! She claims the reason the community well is full at the moment is probably because I need to have a relationship with the Navajo people. Clever girl!
Some of the views of the day:

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  1. Somehow I am not at all surprised that an inconvenience lead you to something far better. I hope you do get to know the Navajo people. Your adventure keeps getting more and more exciting it seem. Yay for that and for cheaper and better water...what a blessing.


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