Saturday, November 5, 2011

50 things

While waiting for the property to close I got bored.... so here are 50 things about me :)

I can’t think if my house is messy
I have to make my bed every morning…. No matter what!
I have never watched the Wizard of Oz
I hate going to weddings I find them mind numbingly boring
I don’t mind going to funerals I find them to be culturally enlightening
I love baby birds when they first hatch and look like dinosaurs
I never wanted a pony when I was little but I always wanted a dinosaur
Tract housing makes me think of above ground coffins
I always wanted to live in a tree house
I can’t sleep if there is light on outside of the house however moonlight is not a problem.
I dislike the color pink
I love pink grapefruit juice
I always want to know how things work and will spend hours figuring it out
I hate golf carts and parking cones
I have several Mickey Mouse watches
My favorite font is indie flower….no surprise there!
I hate shopping
I always have a plan B…C and D
Favorite show of all time was the X-files
I do not believe in extra terrestrial life or UFO’s
I believe in ghosts
I can be a paranoid conspiracy theorist
I am a liberal Democrat
I think the government is out for itself and out to get all of us!
I did not drink soda till I was 17 years old
I get the hiccups every time I drink soda
I love vegan Indian food
I can spend the day in complete silence
I am a Weaver. I never took a class I just looked at it and knew how to do it….weird!
I can’t knit
I have an Etsy shop
I always stick to my Samhain resolutions
I am a witch
I want to live to be 106
I found school to be boring
I find that most people bore me and they smell bad
Reality TV = the devil … yep even American Idol …..boring
Mental illness makes me nervous
I make my own laundry soap but I am constantly fussing with the recipe
I think way too much
I learned to meditate so I could stop thinking
Visualizing the inside of a brown paper bag is very relaxing
I collect wildflower seeds
I love antique things but only if I can actually use them
I love spaces filled with natural light
I dislike dark rooms during the day
I hate wall to wall carpet……Too dirty
I like to finish what I start
I believe less is more
I still have too much stuff

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