Sunday, October 23, 2011


We are in that weird exhilarating, nerve wracking, exciting part of house/property purchasing spot called escrow... It is a bit different than what we are accustomed to this time. For us it has always been a house with a mortgage loan and all of the hoops to jump thru required from all and sundry!  This time it's a box of  cash, a Real Estate Lawyer, a survey, and a chunk of land with a "free" 1979 mobile/modular  home. The inspections are up to us and basically it's an "as is" type of thing. Take it or leave it! So far so good though.  There isn't much to quibble over and once it is done it will be ours..... FREE AND CLEAR.... except for yearly taxes :p... it's always something. There is no water, no sewer or septic system, no gas, no phone line but there is a power line at the edge of the property. There will be electric... most of the time..... but it is minimal so refrigerator, freezer, computer and minimal lights. NO BATHROOM.. actually no toilet... so it will be an outhouse for us. That will cut down on guests! Although I know a few of my very favorite humans on the planet would brave it with out batting an eye :) No running water..... probably for a very long time. At this moment in history it is about 20k to sink a well. With the economy going the way it is in a few years you could probably trade food for drilling. I don't know too many people with 20k  just laying around. Those guys with the drilling rigs will get hungry eventually. Meanwhile the community well is 2 miles up the dirt road. We have been sorting out the logistics of hauling water. We have picked up the BPA free water totes for the potable water and go this week for the 275 gallon transport tank. For cooking we will use LP gas (propane) We picked up an old propane stove at a salvage yard and spent the day cleaning it up and figuring out the parts we need to replace. Most definitely the pressure regulator, lines and hoses. I don't want any nasty gas leaks. I am still working on the phone/internet question. There are about three options depending on what you want to pay and how reliable it will be. I gotta have something.... I can run my business with no power but if I want to sell anything internet is a must! Well back to packing and sorting..... more later.

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