Sunday, October 30, 2011

The picture in my brain vs the reality :)

I've been packing. And packing..... and packing getting ready for the move. The last time we moved we had a moving company come in and do it. It was expensive and really decadent but when all was said and done well worth it (if you can afford it...this time we can't) The only thing that was broken was a light bulb! This time it's on me. I'm doing the packing... the husband is doing repairs and maintenance on things we need and making sure stuff is in working order. Packing for me can become mind-numbing at times so I day dream. Yesterday I was dreaming of sheep! Oddly the picture in my mind is always an english countryside with the type of sheep you would see in fairytale books..... white fluffy things and lambs with pink noses. Romneys!
They look so sweet!

 The reality of sheep for me probably won't happen till next spring. Another reality is that I live in the high desert of New Mexico so Romney's are not the best choice that I could make. The breed that (the reality half of me) is leaning toward is the Navajo Churro they're not particularly pretty fairytale looking but they really are the best choice for the area where I live.

You may be thinking that they look more calves than lambs! Navajo Churros are a very hardy breed prized for their wool with an interesting history. They are on the smaller side with a wide range of natural colors. 
I grew up in south-eastern Ohio where it was very green listening to English fairytales told to me by my Welsh grandparents so I have a preconceived idea of how things are supposed to look.
It has taken a bit of time for me to become accustomed to the landscape of New Mexico. It has been shocking at times how bare the land is and how the sky is so blue it can make your eyes water! You can have a clear sky and within 20 minutes there is a torrential downpour that is dried up within 15 min. It can be warm enough in the morning to garden in short sleeves then by late afternoon you could have 4" of snow. This is definitely a land of extremes! All in all I think the Navajo Churro lambs are pretty cute :)


  1. I totally know what you mean about envisioning the english countryside and fluffy white lambs. The Churros are cute though. How many do you think you might start with?

  2. I would love to start with five but three is more likely...... Depending upon when I am ready for them and have the money to do it. Five weaned lambs after the 2012 lambing season toward the summer or three pregnant ewes late fall 2012.


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